Anti-Chafing Products: Review

Inner thigh chafing is a problem that lots of folks of all different body types experience. And it’s a real buzzkill for things like skirts, dresses, little shorts or really any clothing choice where your ones thighs might meet one another.

 I tried three products to evade this discomfort, and (spoiler alert) I had a pain free skirt and booty short summer.  


These look like garters that go on your thighs, adding a lingerie effect under skirts and taking away the rub. I LOVED these.  I could feel them which was just kind of a reminder that I was wearing something cute and lacy. They stayed up well, featuring slightly tacky bands a the top and bottom of each. The only thing that required some trial and error on my part was dealing with a little bit of rolling at the edges the first few times I didn’t put them in the perfect place. But after a few wears, I stopped having that issue.  


Price: $19.99-21.99

Where to find:


Mega babe 

This was by far my favorite product due to its versatility. I wouldn’t be likely to wear the lacy bandlettes under shorts for a run (but do you if you’re into that), whereas this stick of magic made running in shorts a pain free option for me. It comes in what looks like a solid deodorant and glides on wherever you need it. It smells really nice (I didn’t know I wanted my inner thighs to have such a nice smell, but it turns out I certainly do). And wears well. Not needing many reapplications. Though they now make a travel sized one for reapplication purposes. I’ve also seen folks use it as a makeup primer. No downsides for me. 


Price: $14.00

Where to find: ulta 


Stick deodorant from the dollar tree 

As much as I want to support small businesses and shop ethically, there is some financial privilege there that I don’t have for every product I might want and accessibility is also worth looking at. So at the recommendations of the internet and the wisdom of pinterest, I tried a brand dollar tree deodorant. I was really rooting for it to work as well as the mega babe. Mostly I found it to absorb to quickly, and while effective for very short amounts of time, would not last the day for me. But some folks swear by this solution so if you are looking for an accessible fix, this might be worth the experiment. 


Price $1.00

Where to find: dollar tree/general stores