CocoShea Cream by Naturally Eccentric Wellness & Beauty

A singular treat, body and soul.

By Jen Sinkler

In order to tell you about the consistency of this moisturizer, I first need to tell you about the cushy-creamy-marshmallowy center of a chocolate-coated Danish dessert called flødeboller. If the filling is sticky and tough, my local friends tell me, it is old, or the ingredients were subpar. Rather, ideally, the concoction is feathery, slippery, light, and will give way under pressure under your finger while leaving what’s around unperturbed.  

This CocoShea Cream from Mickel Rambus’s company, Naturally Eccentric Wellness & Beauty (NEWB), works the same. And both sound like certain types of sex.  

The lavender mint fragrance is a light touch, and the dreamy cream quickly turns to a moisturizing oil upon application (a little goes a long way). Made with raw shea butter, organic coconut oil, and a special blend of rich, fatty oils, Rambus says she wanted to make a cream that nurtures, improves, and protects the skin, hair, and nails, and promotes natural beauty. “I knew I was on to something when my brothers stopped buying lotions and hair oil, they would just steal the jars I came home with,” says Rambus. “My mother started offering to buy all the ingredients for me so that I would make the CocoShea Cream in bulk for her. I made the decision to begin selling my cream full-time when my friends began refusing to accept it as a free gift.” 

Perfect for those who prefer a dip experience to a squirt pump, and who want to glow like the sun. 


Lavender Mint, Lemongrass, Fragrance Free, or Eczema formulas 

$5 for 2 ounces, $10 for 4 ounces, $15 for 8 ounces  

DM @iamnaturallyeccentric on IG or email (iamNaturallyEccentric@gmail) for more information or to place an order 

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Jen Sinkler

is a longtime writer, editor, and personal trainer based in Philadelphia. Her strength website, Unapologetically Strong, offers a number of different portals into strength training. Find her most everyplace @jensinkler.