Jen Sinkler

 is a longtime writer, editor, and personal trainer based in Philadelphia. Her strength website, Unapologetically Strong, offers a number of different portals into strength training. Find her most everyplace @jensinkler




is an author, international speaker, and poet from Lawrence, Kansas. Her work focuses on womxn and autonomy. It includes themes of positive body image, eradicating rape culture, addressing white feminism, honoring the power of our voices, self-care over martyrdom, reproductive justice, intersectional thinking and inclusive leadership. With an activism history approaching two decades, the only thing she is sure of is how much more she has to learn. Find her at @iamerinbrown


We are seeking to create a publication that provides information and inspiration toward the end goal of interconnected liberation. Where identity is complicated and worth exploring for ourselves. Where we get to draw our own conclusions about ourselves and allow space others to do the same. We are working alongside creators who are both able to critique and willing to accept it. As we fully acknowledge that there is no liberation for any of us if we continue to barge ahead without expecting that there are limitations of any one of our understandings, minding whose turn it is to speak and gracefully changing our behavior as needed. Because we believe in building the kind of communities that care about impact. And things get much more fun and interesting when we all arrive ready to work.

No exceptions. No excuses, or no deal.