The Meaning of 4

From stability to stagnancy, four leads to more. 

By Jynnette Lewis 

Amidst the flurry of synchronicities and repeating numbers centered around 1 and 3, a rarer number, 4, emerges.  

On the positive side, 4 is associated with stability and strength (think of the four legs of a table), and also protection (four walls) and healing (balance). This number can be associated with Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael, depending on what’s going on in your life when it appears.  

As with all things, however, a number’s meaning exists on a spectrum. On the negative side, 4 is associated with stagnancy, heaviness, unadaptability, and death.  

Four has this interesting juxtaposition of being an energy that builds a strong foundation to last or being an energy that tells you that you’re set in your ways and scared to move.  

Ultimately, it brings your focus to the path of wisdom and self-discipline. Do you know when to stay (and build) or go? 


Jynnette Lewis

is an oracle, energy healer, and spiritual mentor who works with women entrepreneurs, activists, and artists to leverage their influence for radical social change and in healing trauma-informed behavior. She provides guidance through tarot, astrology, channeling, the Archangels (and other higher-dimensional beings), as well as working heavily with crystals. She is privileged to share wisdom, love, joy, and truth to all those she works with.